WalkyDog Bicycle Exerciser Review

WalkyDog Dog Bicycle Exerciser ReviewA dog needs exercise to stay fit just like a person. I spent some time searching the web for the right product until I discovered WalkyDog Dog Bicycle Exerciser. At first glance, it did not seem like much until I took my dog out for the first trip. My experiences and details will be shared with readers below.

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Easy Installation

I’m not really a mechanically inclined person, never the less I still managed to put this product together. All the parts that came with the package included a tightening knob, hands-free leash, headrest posts and a guard. Weighing only about 2 pounds, I was able to put everything together in 10 minutes.

Bicycle Ride

The fact that this product allows you to ride a bike while walking a dog is basically what attracted me to this. I can’t think of any other product that comes with a hands-free leash, which attaches to the bicycle frame. It is not complicated either because it has a quick release feature that comes in handy in situations where I have to remove it from my dog.

Internal Springs

I was a little skeptical of riding at first because I have a large dog that can pull hard. However, the product comes with a great feature. Internal springs provide the shock absorption that I need to keep my balance. My trips with my dog are much more satisfying are safe while I have total control.


I can pretty much take my dog with me anywhere I go. Being that the product is made of high quality materials, I tend to ride on all types of terrain. Not once have any of the parts been damaged. Not to mention the fact that the light weight of the device permits me to ride up hilly streets or mountains. Very rarely do I use a whole lot of energy. My dog enjoys it tremendously and so do I!

Who Would Benefit

In my opinion, anybody that lives in cities where traffic and congestion is a concern can benefit immensely from this product. The fact that it attaches securely on to the frame without damaging anything is enough to show how valuable it is for everyday use. I have friends in New York that do not want to take the risk of riding with dogs on bicycles. However, they would change their minds if they knew about these devices. People that are athletic and love to go jogging would purchase the products right away. They could push themselves to the limits if they wanted. Their dogs would also get great workouts, which they would have missed out on otherwise.

As I mentioned above, this product is easy to install, attaches to a bicycle, and is very versatile. People living in major cities with lots of congestion will have great uses for the devices. The best places to find them are on the web. All buyers have to do is follow the order processes and pay with debit or credit cards. I had no problems placing any orders at all.